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ritual spaceWelcome to Llygedyn Grove.

Established in 1999 by Rev. Warren and Carolyne Kleinman, Llygedyn Grove exists to serve the spiritual needs of the Central Texas community through public Druidic ritual and religious support of the community in the Druidic Path (e.g.: advice, blessings, counseling, environmental & social activism, etc.).

We provide public worship regularly on the four High Days and occasionally for other observances. Additionally, as the Ancients did, we've held pot luck feasts, Handfastings, Festivals and community building events. We find these times invaluable to meet new friends and reacquaint ourselves with old ones. As Druids, we do not proselytize, "witness". We do ask of our dedicated members and students to contribute to the Congregation.

We do welcome any and all members of the Pagan community. Through special interest groups and guilds we provide education and experience in liturgical design & music, ecological studies, divinatory systems, arts & crafts, and other programs we have organized.


We are a Druid fellowship, and we currently are accepting new members and student applications.
We welcome those who wish to learn and follow the disciplines of the Druidic path.
We are family friendly, but require study and dedication to practice, spirituality and physical application.
These pursuits are of importance and should be honored by each individual throughout his/her pursuit of this path.

Draig bendithio. /|\


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